Macaroni and cheese in the Newburyport area

19 06 2009

Macaroni and cheese is one of our favorite kayak recovery foods. OK, forget the kayak – it’s one of our favorite anytime foods. Hannah really likes it since she can always get a vegetarian version…that may sound obvious, but around here, it’s always full of lobster or bacon or other stuff like that. Lobster mac and cheese is practically a staple of a certain kind of restaurant. Even the Boston Globe has noted its growing popularity (and featured one of our own local favorites!)

These are roughly in order of our favorites – but that said, it really seems to vary by the night and they’re all good. Links for all these spots available in the restaurants link list on the right. Enjoy!

10 Center Street: Yum. Great snack for later too. Available without lobster. Patrick loves it with, too. Official menu description: Lobster Mac “N” Cheese. Gemelli Pasta/Aged Grafton Cheddar/Double Cream/Garden Peas

Glenn’s Cool Bar: Also available without lobster and also super yum. Official menu description: Lobster Mac-n-Cheese. (That’s all it says. Trust them. I think its penne pasta based. Whatever the cheese is, it’s good. No idea what kind.)

Mission Oak Grill: Available with truffle oil. Comes with bacon – but available vegetarian. Official menu description: Mac N’ Cheese au Gratin Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fresh Gemelli Pasta, Grafton Cheddar Cream, Buttery Panko

The River Merrimac Bar & Grille: Available without lobster (though the standard broth has lobster if you’re picky.) Official menu description: Lobster Mac & Cheese – A light saffron cheddar cheese sauce with fresh lobster meat, asparagus points, and ziti, finished with panko bread crumbs.

Not Your Average Joes: Available vegetarian or just with the bacon for bacon-tarians. (Patrick is a pesce-bacon-tarian — eats mostly vegetarian except for seafood and bacon.) Official menu description: Twisted mac n’ cheese: curly cavatappi noodles baked in a three cheese sauce with apple smoked bacon, topped with sliced chicken and roasted tomato relish

The Port Tavern:
Pretty good. Fairly classic – standard macaroni shape. Didn’t blow me away, but only tried it once. Maybe an off-night. Official menu description: White truffle mac and cheese: Elbow macaroni in a creamy five cheese sauce, drizzled with white truffle oil, topped with a Parmesan bread crust.




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