Kayaking in the Newburyport, MA area rocks

1 05 2009

We moved to Newburyport in 2005 (Patrick from Somerville, Hannah from Portsmouth) because it’s a cool place. Kayaking is borderline obligatory around here. It’s one of the best places to paddle in Mass, if we do say so ourselves, with gorgeous beaches, rivers, open water, marshy estuaries and plenty o’ birds to watch, if you’re into that. (We were informed by a passionate local that “Newburyport is like, the birding capital of the Northeast.) We enjoy the birds, but haven’t yet started identifying them other than noting ‘cool looking ones.’

We started our kayaking with Plum Island kayak — excellent, knowledgeable people who we highly recommend. Start your Newburyport kayaking adventures there (and don’t forget to tip your guides!)

We’ve taken their day tours and a really cool moonlight tour (which would have been slightly cooler had it not been the trip du jour for a Boston outing/hiking club…mostly cool, but some avid “singles” there to find love). Anyway – during the moonlight tour – they put lights on the boat, have plenty of guides and stop for hot cocoa and biscotti on a little marshy island. There happened to be fireworks across the water in Salisbury, too! Double bonus. Very cool experience.

Full gallery:




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